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sometimes, some things, will come to an end. but you know that, come what may, you will always remember each moment you felt like you mattered. you will always know that somebody can mean more to you than you will ever mean to yourself. some days you will talk with someone who helps crack that code you have been fervently mystified by. and sometimes as that code is cracked, your heart will break. your selfish ambition will take a back seat to the honest truth that you are an ingenue without a creator. an artist without paint. a poet born without the simplicity of speech. only then will you blindly gaze into the infinite darkness of the swollen sky and realize that princes sometimes decide that they no longer need a light as their minds decompress and expand under the silk of a black sky bursting to light any eye that will see the lights untarnished and unaccounted for as they swoon in jealous rage knowing they will never know the simple intimacy of the souls they gaze unto. silently blanketing the mistakes of friends and foes alike, if only to stir them awake from their dreams of bliss to make real the exact darkness that envelops a single moment without speech, light, friend, foe or understanding….

Tuesday Apr 15 06:30am

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Tuesday Apr 15 06:19am
Tuesday Apr 15 06:17am

im kinda happy but i also really wanna get hit by a car at the same time

Tuesday Apr 15 06:16am
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Tuesday Apr 15 06:06am
I just want to snuggle and have a Harry Potter marathon 😫 Tuesday Apr 15 06:06am
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